April 26, 2011

Property without title

Property without a individual title is common thing in Malaysia. Housing developers have been selling them for quite a long time, especially those housing developers which are connected to state government. Either they are the joint-venture partner of state government agencies or the state government agencies themselves. Due to the nature of business in the early days of government, these state government agencies are allowed a few 'exemptions' and they can sell without having to obtain individual titles first before selling them. 

Once, they were even exempted from using Schedule H or Schedule G, the standard Sale & Purchase Agreement, that housing developers are required to use to sell houses. Only when the property law in Malaysia caught up with them in 2007 does the playing field is leveled for all. State agencies or government-linked companies have to apply for individual title like any other housing developer. That is basically the history of property without title. When it was going on, other housing developer seen the things being made possible, it become a norm in Malaysia for the sale of property without title.

In these past week, I was asked to explain by friends and potential clients about property without title. The questions revolved around whether are the any advantages or disadvantages of owning a property without title and whether you can sell it. As to advantages, there are basically not much different between a property with title or without title but you do have to do a registration when you an individual title is issued for the property. In Malaysia, although the time has been cut tremendously, it can still take a 5-year wait for some property for it to happen. And when that happens, be prepared to pay the full amount of stamp duty for the transfer. The stamp duty starts at 1% for any amount below RM100,000-00 and climbs to 3% for property costing above RM500,000-00.

As for transfer or sale of property without title, you can do it at any time, including while an individual title is being issued to you (which will require you to register it with the land office). What you need is actually a good lawyer who understands property law, with special emphasise on sub-sale (property transaction involving second hand property) and proper negotiation with the purchaser. You will use a document called Deed of Assignment which assign you all the beneficial and legal ownership of the property to you. This is actually the document which substitute the Form 14A in National Land Code and is your proof of ownership.

One of the issue of having a property without title is your relationship with the housing developer which you buy the property from. It is their prerogative whether they want to allow you to transfer the property to your purchaser or not. They may allow it and all the Sale & Purchase Agreements relating to the property will be acknowledge as the proof in ownership and all the Deed of Assignment in existence will be the proof of transfer of ownership. All these documents will lead to the latest owner's name who bought the property to be registered on the individual title. If the housing developer doesn't allow for 'direct transfer', they will register it on the first owner's name and then a transfer has to be made to the latest owner.

These are the basics of owning a property without title although there are other issues which need to be considered. I am now researching them to be included in the sequel to my book. Oh, one final thing, a property without title need not be strata development but can also be landed property especially gated community property.

April 18, 2011

MAS Airbus A330-300 Joyride

It was early morning last Thursday the 14th of April and I found myself in a queue to go for a joyride on the new Malaysia Airlines, better known as MAS, new airplane : A330 - 300. A bit of a question mark to some (as evident by a question on Twitter I've received) as most airlines in the world are harping on the new A380 that they have/will received. Well, MAS seems to have ordered these A330 4 to 5 years ago and they have just starting to receive it now. They will continue to receive another 15 of these A330 in the next few years and even has an option to purchase another 10 airplanes.

Here's a link to a report by the Star Online on MAS fleet renewal program : MAS fleet renewal program.

What is the different between the current A330 and MAS current fleet. It seems that it can travel longer and farther with less fuel. That is more for MAS to take advantage of. The route that this new A330 will be Beijing, Perth, Delhi, Brisbane, Osaka and Shanghai.

What is the benefit for the passenger? It seems that the new aircraft has a better entertainment system like a touchscreen and the one I consider as the best change is the placement of the phone-like control for the entertainment system which is now just below the screen than when it is now for the older model which is at your handrest. I hate it as it bothers me when I need to stow it away.

However, other than a few tweaking here and there (there was supposed to be a very soothing lighting system which I can't really see when it was on show as the cabin was so lighted by the hot day), unless they can translate the savings that they get into flight tickets price, I can't see the big advantage consumers can feel from these new fleet.

I have a sentimental reason to love MAS, and I actually flew MAS to London last September when another couple who was travelling with us want to try out the A380 which plied the same route (with a few transits). I've flown MAS to various destinations and as many will use other airlines to get the advantage of lower tickets price and better airplanes, I may stick to my choice when travelling to certain destinations.

I am only hoping MAS will keep on adding to its fleet with new aircraft and with London and Sydney being one of the route it will use the A380 on, I am hoping when it is delivered, I will fly on them to either destination.

April 7, 2011

S.E.X - Sony Ericsson Xperia arc

Yes, I know that the title is a bit misleading but when I was having a discussion with some of those at the launch event for Sony Ericsson Xperia arc, I told them I think it would have piqued some interest with that tagline. S.E.X which is short for Sony Ericsson Xperia arc.
Anyway, we were invited by Maxis who got the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc with a lead time of one month and before anyone want to cry out "Monopoly!!!", they can get it without any plan too.

So, what is on offer?


Retail price (without any plan) - RM2,099-00

With 12-month contract with Maxis - RM1,749-00

With 18-month contract with Maxis - RM1,599-00

With 24-month contract with Maxis - RM1,499-00

Where can you get it for now? Sony Ericsson Exclusive and selected Sony Style stores nationwide

What it has to offer :
- Powered by Google Android 2.3 OS (Gingerbread)
- 8MP Camera with ExmorR for mobile
- Reality Display of Mobile BRAVIA Engine (yes, the television display) which makes image 33% brighter
- Large 4.2" multi-touch display with mineral glass and 16m colours
- HDMI-connector which allow you to connect to any television with HDMI connection
- 8.7mm at its thinnest part

Additional free add-ons content (Worth RM429) - HDMI cable IM820, in-car charger AN401, 8GB memory card, screen protector and Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset

Colours : Midnight Blue and Misty Silver

More details can be found at : 


Some of the pictures at the launch :

April 1, 2011

Nikon Malaysia 10th Anniversary Celebration

I am actually wondering how can a brand so old only arrived in Malaysia 10 years ago? Maybe it is  the 10 years anniversary of Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. Maybe before that Malaysians has to import Nikon camera to enjoy it.

I am also wondering why this guys actually thought I have Nikon DSLR camera or any DSLR camera for that matter. I love photography and I think if I do have a hobby, photography might be it. However, all my pictures are taken using my smartphone, which, as of now is a Blackberry. And the pictures below are taken using it.

I do appreciate the invitation though so let me do a blogpost to promote the 4-days event.

It was the media event which I was invited and I had fun playing around with the Nikon cameras on display and looking the skills of those professional photographers who love using Nikon cameras. Some pictures from the event on 30th March 2011 :

What happened during the event was the GM of Nikon Malaysia, David Ng, officiated the opening of the celebration of Nikon Malaysia 10th Year Anniversary and the Nikon Club for public users of Nikon cameras.

If you go here between 31st March and 3rd April, you can expert photography talks by mizzStudio, Stefan Chow of Singapore, Ahmad Zamroni of Indonesia, photoshooting contest and as evidence on the pictures above, all type of Nikon cameras on show either DSLR, Coolpix, binoculars and accessories.
For the love of cameras and beautiful cameras, even if you are not using a Nikon, you should make a stop and go to Midvalley Exhibition Center. To check out more, go to Nikon 10th Years anniversary page and join Nikon Club Malaysia, and you can follow them on Twitter here and join them on the Facebook page here.
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