April 24, 2009

Wealth are to be shared (especially among friends)

Other than a personal jealousy of doctor's capability to make a profit faster in private practice especially when that jealousy is directed more to my elder sibling than anyone else, I don't actually feel any jealousy towards any of my school friends, either from my primary school, secondary school or even those who studied law with me. You can read my rant on that doctor vs. lawyer things in these post here and here. And just for the record, my jealousy is not the type of jealousy of I-hate-you or I-want-to-be-a-doctor-so-that-I-can-get-what-he-got, but more of the feeling sometimes life can be unfair at certain part though it is fair in another part altogether.

I know some of these freinds are more successful or have a more meaningful or even a relaxed career (as in they are so rich that they don't have to work anymore) than me, but I am actually a contented person. I have my own business which has been there for nearly 10 years. I have a home. A few investments scattered here and there. I have made money. I have lost money. I have travelled. I have mingled with rich people, poor people and just plain people. I know a few famous people. I earn enough. Drive decent cars. Can choose not to work but as a workoholic and a worrier, I call my office even if I am thousands of miles away from it. I have new hobbies every other year which is now is blogging.

I do meet my friends occasionally. I call them when I am in their hometown. I asked (and sometimes insisted) on meeting them just for the sake of meeting. Some have married and have kids. There are still a few bachelors. There are spinsters. There are divorcees. Some have remarried. None that I know of has more than one wife. Some married famous people. Some married their college sweetheart (or school sweetheart). Some has passed away. Some drive small cars. Some drive sport cars.Some rent the house they live in. Most have their own home. Some are as big as mine. Some are way bigger. Some have made their millions. Some have lost their millions. Some are just ordinary folks trying to get by.

Jealous of any of them? The problem with me is I am not worried to much of not being able to retire rich or not being able to get what I dream of. For the first part, I do not plan to retire. Ever. I love being a lawyer or more of an entrepreneur and I want to do it forever. Even if I turn my house into an office to manage my real office. One day. The second part about achieving dreams. I have achieved it nearly 5 to 6 years ago and I still am thankful for everyday I can still experience it.

And the last thing that make me feeling contented is that I believe wealth is to be shared and if someone has more then you will get yours sooner or later... As a businessman, no matter how successful you are, I think this is the best attitude towards life you can have.


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Ratty said...

A little jealousy is a good thing. It helps give us a drive to achieve something we otherwise would not have. Everyone has different good things about their life, and being happy with our own while still trying to get better is the best anyone can ever do. From what I understand, you are doing this well.

Unknown said...

Sagar - Thanks. Do come often

Ratty - Just saying sometimes being thankful is also as important as being driven

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