July 24, 2009

I missed my blog anniversary but...

...here are the list of milestones of my blogs according from what I can gather. I have seen the trends among bloggers to do competitions and such when their anniversary arrived but I am not too much into celebration and being quite busy this last few days, I have neglected most of my rituals when it comes to blogging. Oh, before I list the milestones, let me just do that. Give a glimpse of what I do everyday with regards to my blogs. 

1) In my early days, I usually write my posts anywhere I can. I used my Blackberry, my PC, my laptop and then my netbook. But, nowadays, I write my blogs when I have free time at my office or late at night. I try writing a few posts at one sittings but that rarely happens. So, I do really write my post fresh everyday;

2) I still timestamp my blog post at specific time although I may post it to the internet at another time. My timestamp will always be 12 midnight for this blog and 7am on my other blog;

3) I will then proceed with aggregating my blogs using a few aggregators. I usually do this before I go to work at 9am or later. I will visit these sites and ping my blog, which I hope do brings me traffic :

Pingler : a site which helps you ping other sites that you have updated your blog. It can only be done once everyday;
Project Petaling Street : a local Malaysian aggregator which give you new blog posts everyday;

Negaraku : another local Malaysian aggregator which is nearly the same as Petaling Street;

Blogger United : which is a blog community for all, even those outside of Malaysia. You only need to log-in and your current post will be seen by all. And they have one of the coolest referral widget in town too;

Nuffnang innit : which is a kind of an exclusive community for bloggers who shows advertisement exclusively  by a company called Nuffnang, a Malaysian internet advertising company for blogs based in Malaysia, Singapore, Phillipines and Australia. If you are based outside of these countries, you will only see a small banner stating Nuffnang (which is a Jafaikan word for "Real Good/Cool" courtesy of Sacha Baron Cohen. Read more in their blogs). Usually I post my posting for that day a bit later which is 2pm and above as the community consist of college students who wakes up late or has classes early in the morning.

For all the links above, you can click the links to go to their sites.

I think this post is getting longer than what I have intended and to get more mileage from this topic, I am dividing this post into a few posts.

Stay tune tomorrow.


Daisy said...

Happy Blog Anniv Babe!


Anonymous said...

happy blog birthday!

oh.. i always update my blog at 12am too! haha.. same same huh? =D

Ratty said...

I do things mostly the same as you. I try to write more than one post a day too, but I usually only have time for one.

Unknown said...

Daisy - Thanks babe

Kenwooi - Thanks. Great minds think alike?

Ratty - You are actually my inspiration ;)

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