July 13, 2008

Writing workshop

I had a good workshop yesterday when I attended a writing workwhop with the personal millionaire trainer by the name of Azizi Ali who had written a few book such as 'The Millionaire in Me', "How to be a Property Millionaire" and "xMe!". The seminar was titled "How to Write A Bestseller in 88 Days". I am more interested in going there due to this idea that I have which I wish (how many time in life can you say that?) to publish. I intend to ask him whether this idea can fly and even if his company is thinking of doing it. When I got there I actually hated the first few minutes. Hosted by Azizi's wife by the name of Azlyn Azizi (a new phenomena in Malaysian life, where the wife uses the husband name to show connectivity and greater understanding for the foreigner who are uinitiated in Malay names) she expoect us to greet the person within our vicinity, exchange business cards and basically get to know our fellow participants. I hate this because it is such a waste of business card which I know will never be any benefit to anyone at all. Then, Azizi Ali came in, tell us he never carries business cards because he uses his book as his calling card. Doesn't this just seem contrary to what had happened? Then he asked us to stand up and massage the back of the person on our side. There was a few ackward moment as a few of the women declined the offer. Anyway, he started the seminar telling his story of self-publishing his first book and the hell that he has to go through. It was quite a good seminar overall but I tend to get that he did not connect with his audience too much because he is a realist in which at the end of the day only the one that he thinks has potential he will keep in touch with. When I get to know that he is a pilot and is still flying long haul aircraft, I am impressed. He may be not that interested with new people except those who gets to be admitted into his circle of business associate, which I can relate to, being choosy in admitting new friend into my life, but he is sincere in dispensing advices that relates to money. I did manage to ask him of my idea on writing a book for the man on the street on how to choose a lawyer for property transaction especially in relation with property transaction. He seems to be genuinely interested and ask me to talk with his publishing team. After exchanging card I manage to talk to his wife and it seems they are currently looking for office space to turn into storage for their published books and manuscript. Azizi did say that having 10 titles has turn his office into a store which he thought was enough for them. It seems that it takes more than 3000 square feet for such venture. So, as I have received the endorsement that I needed and a genuine publisher who is willing to see a draft of my manuscripot, now comes the real work. The writing...
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