September 13, 2011

Mind-fucking students' mind

What do you actually do when you go to university?

Learn? Yeah, right. Only 10% of all students really study at all time. The other time? They will be hanging around doing nothing and some even goes the distance doing various delinquencies. Where else most people learn how to smoke pot.

I was not the naughtiest or the learned student in my batch of '98. I studied locally and I never work for anyone. I build my business from scratch and the road was not rosy at all. So, I do know a few thing about being an entrepreneur. Not being related to any royalty or politician in Malaysia will take me longer to drive that Ferrari.

My ranting above is related to an experience I had this morning. 

I was asked to be a part of a project related to making local university's students to think outside the box. As I was busy bullshitting the student council members who was enraptured with whatever all that I can think of including embracing social media and even a dose of real life situation vs. life in the university, the lecturers who is supervising them came in.

I bet she was horrified at what I was telling the students. Especially when I told them about their alumni members who are now making a living by singing and doing public relations unconventionally.

She then expertly divert the students attention to the need to use their mind to focus on how to read case law while applying various techniques to do more research. I did divert her mind that I do understand their need to be educators by saying the alumni members used their legal trained mind to apply it to their everyday business.

I tweeted just now, I think as much as the project is under the patronage of their Vice Chancellor, the best way to make the students competitive when they enter the job market in one or two years with a high income is to make them realised that the world out there is big and a law degree doesn't help you gain more money or even make you get ahead of your career unless you really apply common sense and teach the teachers to think outside the box.

At the back of my mind, I was actually thinking, the students who are now successful adult, no thanks to the oppressive nature they were asked to learn, are what they are due to the oppression. Whatever it is, when the slot I was given comes, the only way I can make them see the way the can be successful is to mind-fuck their young minds. 

Only then can they truly see the light...
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