April 3, 2010

Why giving treats to the staff is good

There are too many stingy people in the world and lawyers are known to be up there among the other scrooge like bankers. As some lawyers do work for bankers and we do have to chase deadlines like them, we have a pressure cooker situation where everyone in the office always keep their heads down, except for the occasional shout of "I hate that client!" or "I just can't stand that 'insert profession here ranging from banker, developer or court staff'".

So, as we are moving towards a new way to engage our staff nowadays which had include allowing them to use Facebook during work, engaging clients, friends, families with them, and taking them for trips and some excursions, we have so many activities being lined up, either by them or by the firm. You may have read through this blog or noticed at the right side of this blog, the Facebook Fanpage of of our firm and the reason it is there is to promote our firm not just as a working place but as a legal firm which is different than any other legal firm.

As other business owners know as well, treating your staff to various events and treats can help you when it comes to managing your tax. You will get the benefit of tax break as any expenditure you spend on your staff can be deducted. It may not apply to all activity but you can always 'disguised' it as team-building or such other moniker, you think fit.

So, what we did last Wednesday was a trip to the bowling alley where we throw some bowling balls and then we stopped by an archery studios where everyone for the first time tried their hands in a new sport.

We had fun, although the team building part is more of a secondary nature and being able to let the staff enjoy themselves is also important as the work at the office are never really finished.

You can access the pictures here at our Facebook fan page link :

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