May 10, 2010

New way to promote your business

As most of Malaysians know, there was a big flashmob at the Gardens Mall on Saturday, 8th of May 2010, which was initiated by Random Alphabets for the benefit of a few sponsors which went all out to promote the second part of first season of the new television sensation Glee. It was called the Glee Kuala Lumpur flashmob and from my point of view, they have managed to create quite a buzz for the television series. 

You can view the flashmob as recorded by me using my Blackberry which is inferior in recording quality but enough for you to get the idea of what happened on Saturday. This is one of the recording :

I am not privy to the management or the advertisement deal of Random Alphabets and its other partners. Or to the advertisement dollars being spent by Star World, the cable television which is currently showing Glee. However, it seems that the buzz created by this event was strong that I bet it will attract at least a few hundreds or maybe even thousands of viewer for the new episodes which will be shown starting this Wednesday, 12th of May 2010.

It seems that this new 'subliminal' type of marketing is gaining popularity in which social media advocates like me will hope to use to our full advantage. As you know and as you can see at this page, you can 'LIKE' my Facebook page and get information on any legal issues which you need advice on. I am also well-known to hold events which I invited people I get to know through Twitter and Facebook to meet up either to just meet and eat or talk about business.

I know that social media is still not gaining that much advertisement dollar yet but if the world continue to evolve where attention span is short and to raise awareness of products and services need new avenue, this may be just one of the way. So, is these flashmobs and social media campaigns are just a fad or is it the future of advertising?

Here is my second youtube video on the event :

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Yuhas said...

"...using my Blackberry which is inferior in recording quality...".
Gawd!! terrible sound quality... inferior indeed...

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