February 7, 2011

Growing through strategic partnership

This year mark another milestone of sort for our medium-size legal firm. We have add another strategic partner of sort to our fold. 

Syamsuriatina Ishak had been at the helm of her own legal firm Azmi & Co. for some time and we have been having a strategic alliance with her since 2009 where she was our counsel for files which needed an experience lawyer such as her as the lead. It was a good alliance and as she was running a solo operation, we have been asking her to join since we started the alliance.

Why we wanted her so much is due to the component that seems to be missing from our legal firm for quite some time. A litigation department which has a senior lawyer as its lead, a junior legal assistant, clerks and a system which can manage all the trappings of managing litigation files. We had it all except for the senior lawyer. I have left the litigation world and for now can only manage resources in legal firm better than anything else.

Syamsuriatina or Tina as she is better known is a senior lawyer who is very active in so many law organisation  like Selangor Bar Committee (where we first get to know her) and the Bar Council (as of now she is into her second term as a Bar Councilor). She has done so many cases in court and even has been part of legal team going to Federal Court. In short, she can stand on her own as an experienced litigation lawyer.

She did ask for some time as it is not easy for one to just close shop and join another institution just like that. So, we waited. And as of 1st January 2011, we now have Tina as another important component in our legal firm. She is the Head of our legal department and we hope with her addition our legal firm will soar to new heights (cliche, I know, but it doesn't make it any less something we want to achieve). Now, we can accept all type of litigation department without having to resort to pass to other legal firms.

As a 11 year old firm this coming September, we do realise we have to keep on growing one way or another. We may not be the perfect organisation or being in a perfect industry but we do think we contribute in our small way to the country as we have at any one time 15 people who depends on us to ensure they can take home their paycheck. We cannot fail them in any way as we have promised to keep employing them and pay them for what they are worth. A simple mission statement which every business should have, if you ask me.

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