August 10, 2011

Are we creating a ticking bomb?

I once wrote in May after I came back from Mumbai about the need to make sure everything is equal for everyone in Malaysia, especially in the urban area. I was hoping for no one to get left behind in the modern Malaysia. People tend to forget that in order to live comfortably with nary a sign of garbage or have great food served to us, we need to have helps that we keep on complaining without any regards about their well-being or how well their livelihood is. 

In Mumbai, slum is a way of life, people get individual title to the small area they are living in and actually now become a tourist attraction. Not sure if it was due to the Slumdog Millionaire movie or it was an initiative started by Indian government long ago.

Now, we saw a city like London which seems to be the place to be by the rich around the world with so many celebrities owning property worth millions and even billions there, in a state of uprising. Then people start asking, is there a deeper meaning from the the dissatisfaction the younger generation than just the killing of a young father allegedly by the police in north London. 

One report quote a young guy going into an candy store and comes out eating ice cream and chocolate. Laughable right? What if the guy can never afford candy and ice cream? Still laughable?

Malaysia is currently planning affordable housing in a few segments around the Klang Valley. One is called the First Scheme Housing and another the affordable housing called PR1MA. In the state of Selangor, they have their own affordable housing scheme which is spearhead by their own state linked company. The governments seem to realised the need for affordable housing areas. 

However, how many fairy tales have we heard as a child about the jealousy of the poor looking at the ivory tower of the rich. While the children of the poor get the lesser opportunity of getting good education and time to play, the children of the rich grows fat and using money, get more than they deserved.

I know the intention is good but I hope the execution will not create a ticking bomb which might blow up one day. If not now, one day...

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