February 7, 2013

Update on 40 More Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer Before Buying a Residential Property in Malaysia

As of 6th February 2013, I have finally edited the final draft of the manuscript for 40 More Question You Should Ask Your Lawyer Before Buying a Residential Property in Malaysia. I have also sent the first draft of the Bahasa Malaysia equivalent of the book entitled 40 Lagi Soalan Yang Anda Patut Tanya Peguam Anda Sebelum Membeli Rumah Kediaman di Malaysia.

I was told by the publisher the book will be sent for distribution in April 2013. As the first book is still selling well, there will be a reprinting to ensure the books will be sold side by side. My publisher, True Wealth Sdn Bhd is now doing its own distribution.

The first book has been a great marketing tool for my medium-sized legal firm. As I was told by Azizi Ali who is someone I learned how to invest in property 13 years ago and is now a friend, a client and a mentor, it is better to hand someone a book with your name written on it than a business card.

Thanks to my first book, I became more than just a lawyer. I am now a lawyer, an author, a speaker and even a point of reference for prominent people. Last Monday I met Mr. Piya Sosotikhul, the grandson of Boonsom Boonyanit of the Boonsom Boonyanit vs Adorna Properties fame who now has a Facebook page Justice for Boonsom Boonyanit vs AdornaProperties as he found me through my book. An honor and I can consider it as a landmark in my career as a lawyer. Mr. Piya was looking for an avenue to help more than his family as he learned how his family's case has become a landmark in Malaysia legal system.

I am writing my next book which will unravel the mystery of housing loan. The working title is 40 Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer Before Taking a Housing Loan in Malaysia under the Ask the Lawyer series of book.

I don't have any picture to share on the cover of the book yet. Maybe I will update it on this same page when I have it. Till the next update!


life4hire said...


pasal cover design...aku leh volunteer AI Media utk design mengikut citarasa bro..let's discuss this in a proper manner :)

Khairul Anuar Shaharudin said...

En. Yam,

Saya semua design etc saya serah kepada publisher saya. Kalau saya control ok je

Anonymous said...

is this book good for lawyers as well?

Khairul Anuar Shaharudin said...

Some lawyers use my books to educate their clients what to expect what lawyers will do in property transactions

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