January 15, 2010

If you can't fight them, join them?

I have issued a new directive to my office. All must use Facebook to their utmost advantage. And now two ways about it....

That may have been one of the weirdest and unconventional directive I have ever given to my staff. I told my partner a day before and as she is more of a real world person than a social media user, she did asked whether it can give us any mileage at all. I discussed with her the reach of social media with Facebook as there are between 3.5 to 4 Million of Facebook users in Malaysia alone (depending on which report to believe). I also told her of various approaches by potential clients which happen to me as I am known as a lawyer everywhere and a blogger only in certain circles. Some do approach me for free legal advice and second opinion but some do approach me to do real work in the real world. I don't mind any of the inquiries which did not bear any fruits as you may never know when you will get your clients from the next time.

I once was also skeptical of Facebook that I shun adding anyone I never met in real life there as I believe that I want to keep it private. Contradictorily, I had created a Facebook fan page of my legal firm's as early as 2007 as I was moving office and I want to tell most my friends of the new location of my office. I changed name in 2009 and that the tools in Facebook were unresponsive to me (or I am too dumb) in trying to migrate my fans from the old firm's fan page to the new one. It was in hibernation until an idea struck me, thanks to observing other big companies, locally and in other countries, utilising social media to its utmost advantage.

I am going to launch my legal firm's Facebook fan page this coming 1st of February but you can see the old one through this link : Khairul, Suhaila & Hazlina's Facebook fan page .

Join us and tell me of any other suggestions which can help us as much as it can help you. And just in case you want to see how my staff look like, here's a sneak preview (until a better picture is posted)

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Ratty said...

It seems Facebook is a popular tool right now. You're right to have your office use it to your advantage. I'm still trying to figure it out myself though. My blog is still the most social I understand how to be on the internet right now.

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