January 4, 2010

Property investment : One expensive property or a few smaller one?

I have actually been in the property investment market for a few years even since I can afford one. I started with no money down and I managed to get two of that type of housing where they gave out 100% housing loans during the height of 100% loan circa 2003 - 2007. Then they only pay your legal fees with your insurance and now, starting in 2010, you have to pay all your cost yourself. Shows that we may see a bit of a slowdown in property sector huh?

Don't worry. As much as property sector will slow down, people will still buy property. What will separate the good and the mediocre type of properties are the mantra of real estate : Location, location, location. Now, you have to choose really wisely. No more impulse buying (which were what my property purchases have been in the past)

So, as I have liquidated all my smaller size properties and refinance my house, which left me with a sum to be reinvested, the dilemma for me will be whether I should pool all these liquidated asset profits/returns and invest them into one expensive property or a few of the medium size/priced properties?

There are pros and cons of either option. Maintaining one property will be easier and I will be left with some cash for other type of investments. One loan and one bank. A few properties will allow me to spread the risk but a few loans and a few banks to deal with.

Am more on the first option but is still looking.

One of the option. 2% down until completion...


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