February 24, 2010

How to market a book....

When I went to a seminar on How to Write a Bestseller in 88 days by Azizi Ali, the so-called Millionaires Coach, which I told its stories in the first and second entries of this blog, in 2008, which you can read about it here and here, I was told by Azizi Ali that he liked the idea of my book. I actually approached him and ask him would he buy my book if it is in the market.

He said, "Yes, he would". That was good enough for me. I know I have a good idea...

...but putting idea on paper was another matter altogether. I only managed to really write in October 2009, which was nearly one year after I attended the workshop. I was sidetrack by blogging (which include attending events and trying to make money out of it), work, life and travel. How I even managed to finish the book is still a mystery.

Then, come the hard part. Promoting my book.

The advice given by Azizi in that workshop was easy. The author sells his book. Not the publisher, the distributor, the bookstore, his friend or whatever mode of marketing you can think of, done by other people (of course, this comes after getting the right book that sells)

So, that was what I have been doing. Long before I have a book to market. I think I mentioned my book anywhere I can get an audience. In real life and in what is now popularly known as social media. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I also have a YouTube account and such but for the purpose of marketing a book of this kind, the three links was enough.

And, my book seems to have an audience. It managed to be on MPH (a local bookstore with a nationwide presence) Malaysian local author bestseller list for 2 weeks in a row after just 2 weeks of its release. You can see it here and here.

I am not sure how did the reader found my book, which they can comment here or anywhere. I am also curious on whether social media really did play a part. Of course, I did managed to sell a few of the book myself but that does not count on the tally did by the bookstores.

I am busy with my book now but I know it is important for a presence to be kept in social media and that is why I am writing a blogpost on what I am busy with.

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MuzzamMiL said...

Assalamualaikum wbk Mr Khairul..

I reach your blog through google (milionaresplanet.com)..

Your book looked interesting..
I will buy one, insya-ALLAH!


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