July 14, 2010

Investor Expo 2010 : How to Invest in Real Estate with a Partner

I am invited to give a talk thanks to an old friend who is currently working in Bursa Malaysia. The best thing about it, as I have lost touch with her, she finds out that I have written a book through social media. Either it was my Facebook fanpage or my web presence through my blogs, my non-stop tweets or the occasional Foursquare check-in, I was not sure but she did say it was through the web. Isn't seocial media wonderful?

So, here is my event. I am to give a talk about 'Beyond the Handshake : How to Invest in Real Estate with a Partner'. It will be held at Investor Expo 2010, an event organised by a private company called Share Investor and MIRA but is supported by so many public institutions in Malaysia like the Malaysia stock market : Bursa Malaysia; Malaysia's Central Bank : Bank Negara Malaysia and Employee Provident Fund of Malaysia (EPF) among others. My session will be between 12.30 to 1pm on Sunday. The whole schedule and information can be found at Investor Expo 2010 website. It will be at Exhibition Hall 5, Ground Level of KL Convention Centre. Do come if you have the time either to hear me talk or some other people talk like Mr. Martin Wong whose blog I always follow and taken tips from. He is an author and a blogger but he also trains people to invest in stock market smartly. Here is his blog : Traders Truth Reveals.

The topic which I am to present is not really something which I cover in my book but something which I have gone through with a few people among them my wife and my business partner(s). In fact in one property investment, I made nearly a RM200,000 from the buying and selling a high-end property which I only held for more than 1 year. I was interviewed by a local magazine called Personal Money on the same topic and that will be my starting point.

It is a FREE event but you can always RSVP in my Facebook event page here : Beyond the Handshake invite. The partner and associates from my firm will be there too so anyone with questions can ask them too. Even something outside the topic

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