July 1, 2010

BFM Radio : The Business Station podcast

The place where the podcast was recorded

Last month, I was interviewed by BFM Radio for a segment called The Property Show where I answered about what happened to quit rent when you sell your house. I didn't realised that they kept a podcast of the session until I went to an event where BFM Radio was telling everyone about their popular podcast which people are always downloading. 

So, I searched their website and I found it. BFMRadio is well known in social media and the BFM stands for Business FM and around town they advertised themselves as Be Fast Macha or Bribe Free Malaysia to make them interesting.

So, here is the podcast which some say makes my voice sounds like Mickey Mouse (need to work on my macho voice more). The podcast was titled :

"The Property Show on 12th June 2010. Lawyer, Khairul Anuar Shaharudin answers to queries on what happens to quit rent when you sell your home."

Here, listen for yourself :

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FeeQ said...

That's nice ^^

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