August 19, 2010

Suhaila Saad got her LL.M while I still struggle with my CIFP

My partner, Suhaila Saad, finally got her LL.M or Master in Law 2 weeks ago from Universiti Malaya after studying for nearly one and a half years. She toiled and nearly gave up saying she just couldn't study while juggling work and then picked herself up again and finally graduating. When she studied, her room will be off-limit and she would seem too tensed even to strike up a conversation, at sometimes. She did look like she was studying while she was taking her Masters.

As for me, who enrolled in 2006 in a course called Chartered Islamic Finance Professional or better known as CIFP from a new university (then) called International Center for Education in Islamic Finance which was set-up by Bank Negara Malaysia, I am still at it. This university which is already 4 years old had only just one convocation before the next one in end of October 2010.

I am finishing up my Exemption Paper which is called Professional Practice Paper (PPP) to highlight the relevance of my profession (law) to Islamic finance. Actually they are so different from one another unless you are those few lawyers in town who help bankers to put together products and defend the banks which use Islamic finance products in court. This is actually is the basis of my PPP which simply highlight the contribution of lawyers in development of Islamic finance.

The difference between my partner and me is that when I study, except for some shout of frustration (when I can't understand an Islamic finance concept) or some frantic search for a specific words among the other lawyer in my firm, I basically does not look like I was studying. Some of my friends are actually surprised when I told them I am taking another degree. Maybe that is the difference between studying in a real classroom environment (her) and a mostly online course, except for the exams (me). 

Am really hoping I can join her before the 2010 ends...

You can view the pictures of us having lunch after her graduation here.

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