August 30, 2010

Happy Merdeka! Time to be patriotic...

As the month is Ramadhan, we tend to forget about other stuff that is happening all around us. 

It is our independent day. The 53rd anniversary of Merdeka for Malaysia. A very young age for a nation. Heck, even for a human. There is a long way to go.

And to be involved, in part, to the nation building of Malaysia, it was exciting, and a proud achievement.

I have been involved in a few transaction, as a lawyer and sometimes, just a Malaysian, to hear people saying words like "Oh, you are from Malaysia. I love that country...". Hearing it from another person of different nationality is just a proud moment for me. 

You do know people like to mistake us for either Singapore or Indonesia back in the 80s or even the 90s. But nowadays, just hear how many references have been made in movies and television series like Jurassic Park in the former and Flash Forward in the latter, to name a few. And just look how many Malaysians are involved in so many level in the world arena.

Last year, I was involved in the Merdeka Train Party celebration, which you can read the post here and here.

For this year, as it is the holy month Ramadhan, the celebration I am doing is a bit low key which is to add a twibbon (short for Twitter ribbon) on my avatar on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks to ShamHardy who is a designer for Advertlets. You can also add a twibbon on your by going to this link and do the necessary.

I am going to keep my twibbon until Malaysia day (maybe beyond) and I hope more Malaysian will join in. Some are trivializing the effort but it is something I am proud to support.


Anonymous said...

Malaysia was mentioned in Ben 10 : Alien Swarm too :P

anyhow, Happy Merdeka to you! XD

andyrio said...

Yeah! Happy Merdeka day to all Malaysian. Hari Merdeka kali sagant istimewa sbb di bulan ramadan satu keberkatan.

Koonch said...

In The Simpson's too: "You look like a Malaysian Tranvestite" LOL!

Mr Lonely said...

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