October 18, 2010

Finally I graduated

This coming week will be another milestone for me. After studying part-time for nearly 3 years for my Certified Islamic Finance Professional (CIFP) degree from International Centre of Education for Islamic Finance (INCEF). The beauty of it is that this degree is equivalent to a Masters degree which means that I can straight away apply and do a PhD study course if I choose so. I am still thinking about it as I am not sure the benefit I can gain from such study.

This CIFP will help my legal firm to do work for many of the Islamic finance institutions like Islamic banks, takaful (Islamic insurance) company and many of the companies which use Islamic finance concept in their business. Islamic finance is going big in Malaysia and there is this one interesting post-graduate scholarship which is being offered in Oxford under Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies which is fully sponsored by Khazanah Malaysia (a Malaysia government-linked company). As someone who never studied outside of Malaysia, I am actually contemplating this more for the experience.

Anyway, my graduation is on the 23rd of October, shy of 4 days of my birthday. As someone who is old as me, there is no better birthday present than this...


FeeQ said...

congrats bro ^^

Koonch said...

Wah... congrats. Do consider that scholarship and join us here in the UK :).

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