October 29, 2010

Islamic Finance weekend plus Monday

It was a very important occasion for me on a personal level and my legal firm as I graduated from International Center for Education of Islamic Finance ("INCEIF")on 23rd October 2010. I now can add Chartered Islamic Finance Professional at the back of my name or CIFP (INCEIF) in short. I started the part time program of this course in 2007 and now I managed to graduated with around 80 other graduands. Our names were published in the newspaper on that day.

All this week, other than the graduation ceremony of INCEIF graduands, there was a bigger event in Malaysia relating to Islamic finance. It was the Global Islamic Finance Forum or GIFF in which INCEIF played a very big role. As Islamic finance grows, these professionals are needed to fill the needs of Islamic finance institution like syariah advisory boards, takaful operators, Islamic banks, sovereign funds of Islamic countries and universities which are supplying these professionals.

On Sunday, 24th October 2010, the Association for Chartered Islamic Finance Professional was launch and it is supposed to be a platform for all CIFP members to connect with each other exchanging ideas even after they became graduates. In short, it is an association for those still studying and those who have graduated, which is most universities is known as alumni.

On Monday, 25th October 2010, it was the first day of the Global Islamic Finance Forum  (GIFF) which had the Malaysian PM, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak, the Central Bank Governor, Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar, and the patron of Malaysia Islamic Finance Center, Raja Nazrin Shah gracing the opening ceremony. At the end of it, there was the announcement of the International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation to manage Islamic countries the liquidity of the countries who agree such as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Bahrain, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Indonesia and a few others. It was a coup by Islamic Financial Service Board as they will be managing the fund.

All this Islamic finance development is made more meaningful as I also achieved a new personal milestone and this picture is one of the best that I will treasure forever :

With the Chancellor of INCEIF and Governor of Central Bank Msia

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