December 20, 2010

My book still selling....

As an author and an owner of a brand (yes, I consider the book as my brand), I know the need to constantly remind people (or tell people who don't know) that I have a book out there, titled '40 Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer Before Buying a Residential Property in Malaysia' and its Bahasa Malaysia equivalent titled '40 Soalan Yang Patut Anda Tanya Peguam Anda Sebelum Anda Membeli Rumah di Malaysia'. The former was released on 1st February 2010 which is on its second printing run and the latter on 1st May 2010.

Of course I consider this as one of the highlight of my career as a lawyer and also as one of the landmark in my life. Although I have a few more projects in the near future (and not so near future), I can consider 2010 has been a great year for me. I will do some sort of highlights of the year in a few more days.

In the meantime, I just checked the Bestseller list of my distributor, MPH Distributor, which is a part of the MPH Bookstore group of company and lo and behold, my book is on the bestseller list again. Although when it came out it only reach No. 6 on that list, it was a proud moment for me and now, after a few months, it is back on No. 14 for the week ending 12th December 2010. It may be due to the special price they are selling it at the MPH Online website. You can now get the book at the price of RM23.92 which is a 20% discount of its RM29.90 price. So, go the site and buy one as I can only managed to find 11 copies of it at MPH Subang Jaya in my hunt for it.

I am now writing my second book on the same subject and the topic will still be about buying houses in Malaysia. It will still be under the same 'Ask the Lawyer!' brand and you can follow my progress through my Facebook page : Ask The Lawyer! books written by Khairul Anuar Shaharudin. You can even post questions for me to answer and suggest what questions should I tackle in my latest book. I have listed issues about the land, built-up, strata issues, Joint Management Committee, Management Corporation, Gated, Gated and Guarded Community and a few general issues as part of the book.


julian said...

Good to hear! You must be pleased all that hard work is paying off :)

Norazridza said...

wow! i dont know tht u r an author... congratulation for the second print....(phew! nampak sgt dah lama tak masuk kedai buku....)

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