January 7, 2011

2010 : 2 achievements which made it memorable

I have been posting so many updates on these two events that I seem to be beating it to death by blogging about it again and again. However, when these two achievements are the only events which I take it as another landmark of my still young life, I need to make a marker for them on the only life highway I own.

So, let make it short as you can see through my other postings how much I treasure these milestones.

One was adding a title to my name as a published author. Never mind the fact I was targeting to be a fiction writer but my books (same book, different language, both written by me) are out there being sold and can be found in most of the bookstores in Malaysia like MPH, Popular and even Kinokuniya. 

The English version is '40 Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer Before Buying a Residential Property in Malaysia' whilst the Bahasa Malaysia version is '40 Soalan Yang Patut Anda Tanya Sebelum Membeli Rumah Kediaman Anda Di Malaysia'. One was out on 1st February 2010 and the other on 1st May 2010.

Through these books, I was invited to be speakers in seminars and talks. Through it I can be found in the web as more than just a lawyer or a blogger (or more of a social media whore). I have a Facebook page for these books and I am constantly checking the availability of these books and even update my search for it. Now both books are in its second print. Seem like people are buying it.

After that achievement, I was told in October, a week before my birthday, I am a graduate of International Center for Education of Islamic Finance (INCEIF) in Certified Islamic Finance Professional. Add another title of CIFP at the back of my name. Building my legal firm into a force to be reckon with on Islamic finance.

These two are just but small achievements as they are selfish indulgence.

This year, I want to be more proactive in contributing to society. Looking for a worthwhile project or maybe even projects.

As I tweeted before : 

My 2011 resolution is 
to be resolute in my resolutions

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