March 14, 2011

Social Media ROI

A few days ago, I braved the traffic in Kuala Lumpur city center to go to Kuala Lumpur City Center or better known as KLCC to go hear two American talked about Social Media ROI. It was hosted by Social Media Club KL or better known as #SMCKL. A commendable effort by a few individuals whom I am not sure why or what is in it for them to host these events but that event was the 12th event held by them since it was first held. I only miss one of the event. In KL that is. As they now have a Penang chapter, which they have held twice.

Microsoft rep giving us an overview of their new offerings
As I had suspected the topic is not really relevant to my industry, which has everything to do with legal. Having websites, social media connections like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and such can help a legal firm gain recognition without having to resort to advertising which is totally banned in Malaysia. We are only allowed to exist and find some creative way to market ourselves. What most legal firms do is meet up with our intended targets which we hope will be our clients, present them with our company profiles and hope for the best. With the advancement of social media, this is not the case anymore (for some).

Selling book as they give an overview

I have been using social media as a form of marketing since 2008. Starting with this blog, I then created a Facebook page which I then follow up with a Twitter existence. LinkedIn is another place I elevate my existence as a professional. It was a good existence as I have thousands of people following me on Twitter and become friends on Facebook. However, as social media is new in 2009, I didn't managed to get any return on my hours of investment I spent on all those social media. Then, mobile telecommunication like my Blackberry made it easier to respond to queries and comment on matters of interest.
In 2010, as I join various groups at meeting or some popular known as Tweetups if it is done through Twitter, I become more well-known as a lawyer. With my books being in circulation and as I add another Facebook page for it, the circle of people who know me become wider. Eventually, I have so many clients from social media. I can say that my ROI for social media has increased to nearly 10% since I start. As a medium-sized legal firm, with no website (I hate maintaining it, though I know it's importance), I consider that as a good return on investment.

So, if you are interested, here are the links for my Facebook pages, Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile :

Twitter Profile : @kruel74
Khairul, Suhaila & Hazlina Facebook page : Khairul, Suhaila & Hazlina 
Ask The Lawyer Facebook page (My books) : Ask The Lawyer
LinkedIn Profile : LinkedIn Profile

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