July 8, 2011

Malay Wedding favors

It seems that the middle of the year, I have been inundated with weddings invitation. It is so much so that I have to miss a few as there were so many of them. One of it was my cousin and as one of the ‘orang pangkal’ or in English, close relative, I have to be at the groom’s house nearly the whole day (regardless whether I did anything or not during the event itself. As it was the first cousin from my youngest uncle of my mother’s side, the event was quite grand. A week before, my sister-in-law was getting engaged to the man of her dream to and being Malay, that too was a grand event as you can see from these pictures :

In most of these weddings, one of the things lacking after spending nearly most budget on preparations and clothes is the door gifts. You can consider it as those wedding favors you can find at Malay wedding. That was until I found www.jonfactory.com which seems to be selling Malay wedding favors. When I checked their address which is located at : JONFACTORY OFFICE/SHOWROOM, 27 – A – B, JALAN 17/45, 46400 PJ SELANGOR, I emailed them at inquiry@jonfactory.com. I also found out I can call them at 0122056669 too.

My sister-in-law wedding will be at the end of the year. I am thinking of gifting her these Malay wedding favors. Look at the wedding favors by JonFactory.com here and tell me what do you think :

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Nixon said...

These wedding favors looks very cool...

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