June 1, 2010

My legal firm first charity event

It was the Relay for Life Kuala Lumpur which other than me, two of my lawyers were also there. I also dragged my wife to the event. It was held at a very muddy Majlis Sukan Negara (National Sport Council)'s training stadium. If I was still a young person, in which there were a lot of them in that event, I would have love it. The mud, the concert, the atmosphere, the staying up until 16 hours (the whole relay duration) and the people you can meet there. Fun is the key word as much as remembrance and awareness of cancer. 

A day before the event as we get ready for the event
We have been around for quite sometime as a legal firm. 10 years is quite a long time for a business to exist and giving back to society is something which we should have done a long time ago. I would very much would like to write down the evolution of our business but that is for another blog post (maybe when we celebrate our 10 year anniversary later this year). This event was brought to my attention by a fellow blogger and well-known media person, Niki Cheong who was marketing it under a social media initiative effort.

At the tent allocated for the social media initiative group
With that realisation and with the tax deduction that was given (of course there is always monetary value for a charity event like this), we participate by more than sending a few people to the event. As any amount greater than RM50.00 can get a tax benefit out of it, we decided to give more than our usual token sum. It is not as much as those big corporate sponsor but it was enough for us to be proud to be a part of the event.

With celebrities who were there to support the event
Cancer is not something any one of us had a brush with. Yet. However, there is a lot of people who had suffered it, survived it and is still fighting it. It may not be the scariest of disease to some but those who had experienced it will tell you that it is not fun either. There are a lot of other charity that we can contribute but we do pick and choose. I am one of the trustee for an environment awareness charity but it is still in its infancy. When it does need contribution, we will be at the forefront too. As for now, National Cancer Society Malaysia is just one of the charity we are supporting and maybe next year we will participate properly with a banner and such...

Lighting a candle during the luminaries event

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