June 8, 2010

A review on my book by Personal Money magazine

There is this one magazine in Malaysia which is known to write about money management for individual called Personal Money. Part of The Edge magazine group, which published the financial magazine The Edge and a few others. Surprisingly, I was approached by one of its writer as they had received my book from my distributor, MPH Distributor. I did complained once about how my book was treated by MPH which also has a sister company which owns bookstores. It seems that they are doing their job but in a more subtle way.

Personal Money magazine on sale now!

The review of my book was done for the June 2010 issue of Personal Money. They don't have an online magazine so I can only insert an excerpt from the magazine here. Here is a part of the review :

"The strength of the book lies in the author's ability to answer legal questions succinctly and clearly. Khairul guides his readers without overloading them. Would have been helpful if he had included a glossary"

As for a first time writer who is trying to reach out to the layman in explaining legal matters on properties, I am proud of my achievement to do so although it did say I should have include a legal glossary. That is something I can rectify if my book ever reach a second printing.

The book review

My interview was not just for the review of my book. They don't actually need to interview me to write a review on my book. The interview was actually for an article about 'The Legalities of Buying Property'. They get my view on how does one choose a lawyer, how much a lawyer charge in being of service to you and they even took one of my schedule which show the scale of fees by lawyers. Next month, in July, I was also interviewed (through email) about co-ownership.

It was great to be reviewed and I hope there are more review will be done on this first book of mine. In the mean time, as I love being tagged as an author, let me start on that second book....

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