June 25, 2010

Inside Intel to see #WhatIsInside

I was invited by Cynthia Seow of P1 Wimax on Wednesday the 23rd of June to see something her company P1 Wimax is going to unveil on 29th of June 2010. Most of the social media community has been buzzing for quite some time about a campaign by P1 Wimax, a subsidiary of the public listed company, Green Packet Berhad. Those who were invited to the event were given a 6-days lead time to get the feel of what will be unveiled on 29th June but there were a few things which were held back to ensure there are still stories to be told next Tuesday.

We were shown Intel Malaysia office which is full with so many 'inside' information for geeks and even noobs like me. Like this What is Your Core? wall which I keep on returning to see each and every individual picture.

The picture on top is of Vanessa, the representative from Intel telling us the long partnership that Intel has with P1 Wimax and how far technology has come from that moment when Intel Centrino was introduced in 2003 where people can connect for the first time without wire.

Then Kenny, the COO of P1 Wimax told his story about how far has P1 came within the 20 months they have come into existence. As someone who has an adverse interest in Green Packet, the company which owns P1, I am impressed with the commitment the company has shown to its shareholders. As they will be holding their Annual General Meeting on the same day as the unveiling of #whatisinside, I will be there to see what is in store for the company in the future.

Then they did show us a bit of what is inside but we still don't know how much, how powerful, what is the package they are going to offer and how much difference these new offerings will make on the wireless personal computer market.

We can only reveal so much as we were made to sign a non-disclosure agreement which has bind us to not reveal all. What are shown above are the things that we can show. You can actually win one of the new offerings if you go to the WHAT'S INSIDE website and guess what is the name of the device inside. Follow them on twitter and get first hand knowledge what is inside. As I am invited for the unveiling in 29th June 2010, you can follow me too on Twitter.

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Ratty said...

I'm glad you share as much as you can about such an exciting experience. Going to a place like this has always been something I've wanted to do.

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