November 1, 2010

Keeping to my promise

Not to harp my own trumpet or anything but if any of you remember, I did promise to give RM0.50 of the sale of each of my book to a charity organisation which I had determined the moment my book was out in print. I did try to put an announcement on the book about it but after sometimes, I find it easier to keep it to myself and make sure I did it on my own effort. 

My wife and my partner are those who keep reminding me to make sure I keep to my promise and when I received my first royalty payment last August, I straight away calculated the amount I would be giving to Pertubuhan Misi Penyelamat Bumi, an NGO, led by Dato' Tan Kar Meng, a client and a friend, who had the best intention in trying to save the environment, especially the mangrove forest, using his own invention called the pillow tube.

Dato' Tan has always been one of the businessman who keeps to himself and is one of my business idol since the day I start to know him. As a client he is one of our best and as a friend, he is one of the most caring. Read about the man and his environmental effort from an excerpt from the Tatler magazine here and from his own company, Perwira Bintang, website here. My contribution is just a drop in the sea in contrast with what this man has managed to do. That is why I accepted the job of being the trustee to this NGO when Dato' Tan asked me too. I hope to contribute in some way, one way or another.

Here are pictures of him and I at Pertubuhan Misi Penyelamat Bumi headquarters in Sunway :

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