March 18, 2015

Equinox, Book Talk and Book Launch

Who else sells book if not the author?

That's what I have been told long ago when I wanted to write.

On 21st of March 2015, the day of the equinox (the phenomena when the sun is exactly on the equator) and which is expected to be scorching hot unlike any other (for that, please drink lots of water), I will be at two places (at different times, of course) and will be promoting my books. Two different books from two different genre. I am hoping to pull it off by having a change of clothes in between.

Hey, if all those American artistes and even Malaysian artistes can change their clothes in the middle of their show, why not me.

My first event will be at 11am on that fine 21st March morning at Putrajaya International Convention Center, where BookerVille, Facstory, Putrajaya International Book Fair 2015 under the MPH Bookstore. Click here for more details.

Other than me, here are the full schedule of speakers from my property book's publisher, including Azizi Ali :

​17 Mac 2015 (Selasa) ​4 ptg-4.45 ptg
​Jamilah Samian - ​Pelancaran Buku 'Ajaibnya Kebaikan'
18 Mac 2015 (Rabu) 4 ptg-4.45 ptg
​Zamri Aminuddin - ​Rahsia Menjadi Jurujual Berjaya​

19 Mac 2015 (Khamis) ​4 ptg-4.45 ptg
​Zaid Mohamad - ​Strategi 7S : Ibubapa Bijak, Anak Hebat​

20 Mac 2015 (Jumaat) 11 pg-11.45 pg
​​Dr Noor Hayati​ - Rahsia Menulis Buku Bestseller

​21 Mac 2015 (Sabtu) 11 pg-11.45 pg
Khairul Anuar​ - Tanya Peguam Anda! - Apa Yang Anda Patut Tanya Peguam Anda Sebelum Membeli Rumah Di Malaysia

21 Mac 2015 (Sabtu) 1 ptg-1.45 ptg
​Azizi Ali - Mencipta SPP (Sumber Pendapatan Pelbagai)

​22 Mac 2015 (Ahad) ​11 pg-11.45pg
Norsa'adah Ahmad​​ - Bicara GST - GST Dari Perspektif Peniaga & Pengguna
​22 Mac 2015 (Ahad) ​1 ptg-1.45 ptg
​Azizi Ali - Bagaimana Melindungi Diri Anda Daripada 'Scam'

Although I am listed to speak in Bahasa Malaysia as most of my books are in English, I will be using more Manglish than anything, depending on the crowd.

Follow my updates on my Ask the Lawyer series in my Facebook page here. My Ask the Lawyer series can be bought at bookstores across Malaysia or buy it online at All my books (and other books ) at Book Planet are being sold at a discount due the new revamped Book Planet website until 23rd March 2015. 

At 5.30pm, on the same day, I will be heading to Dataran Underground, the active-again below-ground space under Dataran Merdeka, where the KL Alternative BookFest 2015 is going to be held.

There, I will launch my new Fixi book, PENTAS.

What I would like to do is to invite EVERYONE that is reading this to come see me either to hear me talk (for free) or buy my book(s) or just hang out at these awesome places/events. If you are around and see me, pictures below, at least introduce yourself and say hi...

Follow me on my Facebook page for Pinjam (my first book with Fixi) here. My Fixi books can be bought at Fixi's website.

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