September 2, 2009

Aliens invaded the Merdeka Train Party!

This post is delayed by a few days as I had a few other post which I tried to do chronologically. The party was a real party with Random Alphabet managed to do itself proud, thanks to its founder, ZainHD. There was balloons, new friends, streamers, flags, coordinated mayhem, songs and music. It was done tastefully. No untowards incidents. The official photos can be viewed in the link here - RA's Official photos for Merdeka Train Party.

As for me, here are the photos I managed to capture :

Secret meeting place, KFC Sentral and the battle plan

 Famous bloggers who was there, Jason, Bryan & Serge ; Plan being discuss

 Group 5 - The Spicy Group (Leader in red cap is SpicyGuy)

 The Monorail tix given out

Going to the starting point

Other group started boarding to the Medan Tuanku stop

Hanibaniboo and Aiqa going through our weapons

 War paint being use to scare the enemies

Trains which had been vandalised passing the station we were waiting on

Serge going off with his group to start the journey

When it was our turn

The party

Yes, that is April Yim doing her pole dancing

Amazing right, and in a Monorail

Then, all hell break loose

Aliens invaded our party

Here is their leader

This is the whole gang

But, here is the real leader : ZainHD and NikiCheong 

Where we got off and dispersed

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