August 24, 2009

Merdeka Train Party!!!

My wife and I have been planning to go on this train ride which is quite expensive which is a journey within the continent of Asia called the Eastern and Oriental Express. They are kinda the cheaper version of the Orient Express, which itself was immortalised in the book by Agatha Christie (1934) and then made into a Hollywood film of the same name (1974). Both the Eastern and Oriental Express and the Orient Express have one thing in common. Luxurious travel on a train. Romantic huh? Wait when you hear how much the cheapest trip will cost you. Look it up yourself. It will be my dream to take my wife on it one day (either one will do).

Anyway, one of the luxury they offer is to throw a party for you and your guests on board of the train. Wouldn't that be just peachy. And expensive too. Of course, it will be. If paying for 2 people to travel can cost you upward of RM10,000-00 or USD$2,800-00, imagine the cost to lease a whole coach for you and your guest. I bet there are already being thrown on it by various people and as these parties are usually are kept private, we rarely hear of them. I guess if these luxurious trains have been plying the same routes for nearly more than 50 years (just look at the publishing date of the book by Agatha Christie), there must have enough customers (who are rich) without even so much of a television or a magazine ads.

What if this type of party can be duplicated? Someone is trying to do this in commemoration of Malaysia's 52nd independent this coming 31st August. That someone is the brain behind Random Alphabet who goes by the name Zain HD. He is a law graduate who seems to be doing events which can be said to be out of this world. He had organised the KL Freeze in unison, the Reading While Waiting Project and a Pillow Fight in the middle of a mall's carpark. Read his accomplishment in those links above. There are educational articles  for you too in that side to, well, educate yourself.

If this is the first time you are hearing about it, this coming 31st August, there will be parties held on trains across the Klang Valley. And you are invited. You will be decorating, taking pictures, playing party games and even clean up in that party. And then you will be introduced to the world by the pictures that you take and the videos that you make.

How do you join in? Well, just click this here which is an Open Invitation to the Merdeka Train Party, put down your email and instruction will be given to you. It is kinda like a Mission Impossible assignment, minus the exploding notes (or Rayban). Then, when you do join in, please remember why we are celebrating. Not just for the fun but for celebrating an important chapter in Malaysia's life.

Have fun...

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