November 2, 2010

P1 Wimax : Stronger, Wider, Faster

As a 2-year old company, P1 or its real name, Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has really made advances which they can be proud of. If you look at their offerings under a microscope, of course, they have warts and all, like any other company, but as someone who had been given a chance to associate myself with them since early 2009, during the launch of their mobile broadband called Wiggy, I have a tendency to view them favourably. I actually bought their stocks in the hope of making a profit like what most people would have said when they see Microsoft or Apple Inc. then and now.

So, on 20th October, a few days before the the ad campaign could be seen in all media around town, especially the newspaper, we got a bit of a preview. It is to launch a new offering by P1 where you can subscribe the home and mobile broadband together in one package. With the tag of Getting Stronger, Wider and Faster with kids wearing superhero costumes and saying words like Getting Stwonger and such, it shows kid of 2 years old doing amazing things. The all-in-one 4G 'Super Broadband' package also comes with a 'Super Quota' which can be shared between the two.

P1 Wimax also re-brand itself to be known as P1 4G now to show that it is offering 4G connectivity. As this is published, you would have seen the new ad campaign and it will be on billboards, monorails, print medias, radio and TV. They did address the voices of a few unsatisfied customers within the hall that day in which they admit some of their shortcoming and they also acknowledge the growing competition of broadband deployment. For more information, do visit

Here are some pictures from the event which ended with us having dinner on the rooftop of P1 HQ :


Cynthia said...

thanks Khairul for your kind support!

yoon see said...

thank you for dropping by En. Khairul and how's your trip to the art expo?

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