November 29, 2010

So, this is what luxury holiday means....

I once stayed in the local Ritz-Carlton as a wedding anniversary getaway with my wife where it claims that it has a 24-hour butler service. Although they do attend to my whims nearly the whole time we were them, their efficiency and claim they are available all the time, was a bit untested as we were in the mood of being left alone than being attended to.

Then, I was asked by a long lost friend whom I just recently got reacquainted to come and join her at a Villa in Phuket. She did asked me whether I can get away in the middle of the week, and as I can do that, I did. Off I when to Phuket with a one-day lead time with my wife.

Basically, it was heavenly. The place is nice. More than nice. We have a cook (two actually) who will attend to us everytime we were in the villa. We have a concierge who arranged everything. A driver. Basically, I now know how royalty lives. Oh, and there were 2 English Lords are actually living within the Estate. 

The villa is 3 storeys, has 5 bedrooms, a family room, a swimming pool on the top floor, a billiard table, a ping pong table, a massage pavilion, iPod docking stereo units everywhere, a kitchen and 2 kitchenettes.

We had a massage on the morning of the second day. We went horse riding, which was a first for both of us. We played mini-golf. We ate seafood, with my wife eating a RM123-00 lobster as big as her head. Basically, we just had a very, very short luxurious getaway. Don't get me wrong, only the villa is paid for. The other expenditure, we do have to foot the bill ourselves.

And it was fun to live like royalty.... It is a big industry here in Thailand which offer villas and full service apartments and hotels for tourist and vacation clubs. Basically, it is hassle free, as long as you have the money.

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