November 23, 2010

Photo-shoot for Transitions lenses

I was part of a seeding program for Transitions lenses which more information you can find out here. Don't ask me why I was chosen. I don't exactly remember when I was given this opportunity. I think it was 6 months ago that I received an e-mail asking me whether I want to be part of the seeding program  for Transitions lenses. I received a letter stating which spectacles vendor was chosen as vendor for me to book the lenses. I went there and the shop assistant was clueless as to the program. Only when I showed the letter did they agree to do it for me.

It was sorted soon enough and although I had to pay for the frames, I consider it quite a saving as I found out these Transitions lenses can be quite expensive. So, I got my spectacles after a month as the chosen vendor did a bad job in cutting the lenses for the frames and it had to be re-cut a few times. I did advised them to stop being too honest as I didn't expect the lenses that early as I had just picked-up a new spectacles which has clear lenses and wasn't too eager on a new one. And this is the reason I am not mentioning the vendor's name here.

I finally managed to get the lenses after nearly 2 months and I worn the spectacles ever since. What I love about it is that it is really clear when there is no UV light. However, at first, I just couldn't see the significant change when I go out under the sun. However, after some time, I get use to wearing it and I actually abandon all the other sunnies I have.

Then, a few back, I was asked to give a feedback and kinda model for them. Kinda...because I am not really sure where and how will they used my image. I do get something out of it but in kind more than in monetary value.

So, here are some pictures from the shoot... (feeling a bit vain)

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