September 22, 2008

Sold soul (a fiction of epic proportion) continues...

(This is an ongoing online novel started as a fictionalised events of my life. Its based on true events not all experienced by me but there were some total fictions too)

After 4 years of boarding school where your schedules were already determined, either when to study or when to take a bath or when to sleep or even when to feel hungry, being schooled in a public school where the gates to freedom was just a metre away from the class was liberating. I was immediately taken into the arms of a bunch of friends who used boyscout as the cover for all of our unhealthy activities. It seems that they have a host of activities for every day of the week.

Never mind that that year I have to take one of the most important exam in my life, I had the time of my life then. I joined a band as their lead singer (seems I have a good enough voice for rock music) which comprised of the same boyscouts group. I was taught the importance of Cliff Burton to the music of Metallica and his significance contribution to their "Ride the Lightning" album. I actually did not understand the fad of rock culture when I was in the so-called boarding school as I was brainwashed to accept them as "bad". I think I bought nearly 300 cassettes that year alone to catch up on these lost music.

I went camping with the boyscouts and was taught various ways to do various things, either legal or illegal. We then formed a study group (seems we are not so stupid after all) to tackle the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia at the end of the year. We hide ourselves in the attic of our school (the school is so old that the roll of honour in our Grand Hall goes back to 1940s) to ensure that we know how all the add-maths, biology and physic lessons will help us to understand the world better.

With all these new lessons, it was a miracle I made it through to university. I remembered that I was supposed to be interviewed for a Petronas scholarship 3 weeks before the real exam, based on the trial exam's result, but I was skipping school practising with my band for the Annual Battle of the Band at my school. When my mom asked (upon being informed by my so caring teacher of my absence) where I was, I lied to her saying I was up in the attic studying.

After the SPM result was out, as always, my batch all over Malaysia was made the lab rat for a new system called UPU where all choices of universities are managed by one central management. I put down 3 universities of my choice and entered Form 6 in the same school. I even had the idea of staying put in Form 6 even when I was offered law in a university just 40 km away from my hometown. Sensible thinking and my mom's insistence persuaded me otherwise.

Another chapter begins...

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