September 29, 2008

The legacy of 2 Merah...

I am known as APAK to most. It is used by my school friends, by my uni mates, by some of my clients and even by my wife. It is used at work by my partner who is my uni-mate and she has been explaining the wrong version of how I got the nickname. She said it was due to me looking old since the day she knows me in my university. I let the story stands as it is a more un-embarassing version than the real story.
I do look older than my age (I'm just going to turn 24 next month, yeah right) because I am balding. That's why I keep my hair really bald like Lex Luther and the ritual at the barber is a simple "Ane, '0' pakai machine" then in 3 minutes, I am done.
The name actually came from a friend who was in my class 2 Merah in SMAP. He was the class comedian although he did not look the part (I just found him on FB but he still hasn't added me as his friends yet). He actually nicknamed everyone within the class with a name for an animal. There was the 'Enggang', the 'Pipit', the 'Badak' and a few other. And guess what? He named me as The Rooster and translated into Malay as 'Bapak Ayam' and then shorten to 'Apak'. That was how it started. It may even be a prophecy of things to come.
In my batch in SMAP there was another Apak but for the life of me I don't know how he got the name.
The other legacy is the origin of my signature. I am proud to say that it was with the help of another friend, who is a millionaire now, if I am not wrong, in the same class I had been using the same signature since 1988. It is in the acronym of my full name and it has signed millions of ringgit worth of money for my client (and some for me too).
So, maybe not all legacy are bad...

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