September 27, 2008

Sold Soul (a fiction of epic proportion)...

(This is an ongoing online novel started as a fictionalised events of my life. Its based on true events not all experienced by me but there were some total fictions too)

Of course as a full blooded man, I love girls more than I love my fellow brothers...I heard somewhere the phrase "No one can resist love" and it was so true then as it is now. It was proven time and again how I managed to forget an appointment or a promise with fellow friends just to ensure that I would be at my level best with my date. The things that I was willing to do and the limbs that I was willing to loose made me wonder nowadays why was I so enamored with unattainable perfections.

The batch of girls that checked in with me in matriculation was considered one of the most beautiful for a long time. Even during orientation week, those of us who had the look already set their eyes on their future girlfriend and even future wife. Our seniors who already had chosen their partner among their batch did try to stray but was quickly brought down to earth by rejections.

And again, the senior who tried to vie the heart of one of my classmates had to have me as an extra in their love story. I had to have my eye fall for one of the most beautiful girl in my batch. She was one of two grils who had nearly the same look. They were both a tall drink of water, fair-skinned, beautiful eyes, symmetrical face with bodies to die for. Everybody was so captivated by them that even the seniors from the batch who was going to graduate came just to see how beautiful they were. They were the type who knows that they were beautiful but they couldn't care less. They were also the type who were flirtatious as hell.

Little ole me who couldn't pass for an extra in a Malay movie, couldn't care less about whether I had the look or good enough to be their boyfriend before I decide to vie for their heart. That was when one of the senior had to take me in a room and explained to me why I should not get any silly idea that I could win her heart. He was threatening me even with having to bring his old gang from his former school (maybe the Godfathers notoriety preceeded themselves). As there were only the three of us in that room that night (I was so frightening that he need a back-up from another person from his batch) the reason why I never pursue the girl anymore was just between us.

Oh, they are now a happy married couple with 2 kids. It seems when you account 'jodoh' in the equation, they must be made for each other.

That was just one of my first foray in trying my hand in love...

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