December 18, 2009 – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

As an avid twitterer and most of other social media, I am also big on making sure all my social media needs are met even during when I am away from my personal computer. I might be on the road during work or when I am off vacationing somewhere. I actually managed to do work and get confirmation on my mobile while being mobile. I even use my old Blackberry to type, edit and publish a blog post while I am in my wife's kampung which is in a place called Tapah Road which is your typical Malaysia kampung where you may not see anyone with a PC or a laptop except if there are students within the household.

As important as being able to do things with a mobile, especially with a Blackberry, which I think is a better mobile unit than any other PDA, it is also important if the websites that you frequent has a mobile format. It does makes a lot different between navigating a website optimised for a PC and those which are optimised for mobile phone.

As an avid traveller, I know of may instances where I need to make a fast booking when I am abroad. I was in Germany in 2005, where I used Malaysia Airlines as my airline of choice, and I had to change my flight plan. Just imagine the hassle that I have to go through looking for a place to surf the internet, check my flight booking and finally confirm the flight. As a lawyer, I do have to travel within Malaysia on short notice as I sometimes have to meet clients at their location.

With which you can surf here but is better optimised for mobile browsing, you can buy your tickets, see all the available flights, confirm your booking and change your booking, check in, see the timetable and even see what deals are currently on offer.

As a spontaneous person, I may just whisk my wife somewhere exotic for the umpteenth honeymoon...

Maybe somewhere like Terengganu or Langkawi or even somewhere in Australia. Or like below, somewhere in Bali...

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