December 8, 2009

Newszapped, a new way to post your video

Last Friday, on a cold morning, I went to another event where another new media which is tapping the power of social media is launched. The company in question, called Newszapped seems to offer the new media for a particular subscriber of a telecommunication company, Maxis. What it is offering is simple, you can take a video up to 8 minutes, log in to their site, post your video and share it to all the known social media such as Twitter, Facebook and even your email list. But, they do charge you a fee for doing it.

As I was a participant of another such event 4 days before that, called under Project 500, which got quite a lot of brickbats from Malaysia online community, I commended this company how it approached the introduction of their product.

David Yong from Newszapped

They chose to call all their partners and explained the functionality of their offering. A Maxis representative (I forgot the stand-in who was covering for Kugan that day. I think his name was Dinesh) was there to tell us about what is the future for Maxis customer. What peaked the interest of most of the bloggers there was when he starts to tell us about Finder301, an exclusive Maxis customer directory, which are a compilation of places in towns. And they have a lot of food bloggers who are doing reviews for them. If you are one, why not submit your review. I think for submitting your review (either food places or places of interest), you don't need to be a Maxis subscriber. Here is the link for Finder301.

The rep from Nokia telling us about how much their user uses what
(and just a small percentage use their mobile phone to call other people)

There was also a representative from Nokia, one Henry Wong, who showed us a few of things that Nokia has up its sleeves. The integration that Nokia has with all the social media and web is quite amazing. Wait for it when it comes out.

The rep from Maxis

Newszapped itself was represented by David Yong who told us the excitement about Newszapped. He used the March 08 as the starting point for them to develop the website. A place where you can put up your political rally or those things where you may want to share with other web users.If you do a lot of Vlog, why not try them at Newszapped.

Some of the bloggers who came that day
(Suresh, Bboyrice, JonYKT, me, CurryEgg, Bryan)

There was supposed to be a representative from Nuffnang to tell us where Nuffnang fits in the picture but a mishap delayed him and when a representative do appear, the talk was already over. I think most of the blogger that day were there for him.

The idea of using a website to post some video especially from whatever mobile apparatus you have on yourself, which they are banking on will be a mobile phone with a Maxis line is still too far fetched for me. They are banking on the technology where by pointing your video recorder or your phone to a particular place, it can tell you some information on the place. It is too futuristic for me now. As for me, as of now, I will still stick to my Blackberry and occasionally my digital camera to take some pictures and write the story later.

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