December 13, 2009

Young Corporate Malaysia Summit 2009 and Bar Council EGM

To me, one of the highlights (there were so many) in the Young Corporate Malaysia Summit 2009 was when one of the speakers, Dato Johan Raslan asked back to the audience whether we want other citizen of the world to come and be given equal opportunity in Malaysia. And then when a lot of them answered "Yes......", he asked back "That is brave but are we ready?".

That is basically the question that all lawyers are asking themselves at nearly the same time yesterday, 12th of December 2009, when we were having our Emergency General Meeting (EGM) to discuss about the Key Performance Index which has now rule the life of judges in Malaysia. Lawyers believed, most of them anyway, especially those whose work are closely related to court (some do work which prepare you to go to court but are rarely there themselves).

You must also know a bit who is Dato Johan Raslan. He is the founding partner of the branch of Price Waterhouse Cooper in Malaysia and he has been auditing a lot of listed companies in Malaysia. I mean, a lot of them. I have been meeting him in a lot of these companies AGM where he will endorsed the audit of these companies. Year in, year out. So, he knows a lot about competition and how to address them. And as you know what has happened to the corporate world with regards to auditing companies thanks to Enron et. al., you will know how competitive it has become. The Big Four is now has become The Big Three (or is it lesser?).

As for Malaysian lawyers, we are now awaiting an amendment in the law which may allow foreign lawyers to practice here in Malaysia. Although it may be confined to Islamic banking law, some are sceptical that it will stop there. Hence, we are quite adamant in not allowing any foreign lawyer in at all.

As for me, who has never get any crutches, ever.

Bring them in.....

You'll never know how good you are, until there is competition...

(says one who owns his own company and need to pay 15 salaries every month, which makes me have quite a lot to lose if I take the wrong risk)

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