December 8, 2009

Now I know how those marketeer do it : TwitterHawk

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of TwitterHawk. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ever heard of targeted marketing on Twitter? I think I have been at the receiving end a few times. Saying the word 'sport shoes' and then suddenly having a well-known sport brands follow me on Twitter. As an avid Twitter user, I am always tweeting about what I do and some of the things that I do from day to day is shopping (or at least accompany my wife shopping, who does it more than me)

So, how did these marketeers do it? I was then introduced to TwitterHawk. TwitterHawk is actually is a real time targeted marketing engine. As a real time targeted marketing engine, it will actually 'listen' to people tweeting. It can eavesdropped on Twitter, look for people tweeting by the topic and location that you choose. You can actually join in mid-conversation while they talked about something which may relate to your brand.

TwitterHawk will preiodically search Twitter for you, according to the boundary that you has set. If it find something which is related to your chosen topic or within the location that you has indicated, it will either auto-reply or generate a list of matches for you. You can then respond to the matches or reject it from your TwitterHawk account.

Monitor your campaign with true Cost per Click (CPC) with link tracking. And all this is at the cheap site average of less than $0.02, which is much cheaper than most site. And it is free to start using but later when you have purchase credits, the charge is at the low price of 5 cents per credit.

Am writing my books now and this maybe useful in marketing them on Twitter. At least it is quite affordable.


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