December 26, 2009

How much my business have grown : Events in 2009

 The year has been a great one from me with various events taking place on a professional level which I can only dream of years before. As I am too consume with my writings, I will just put up a few of the events pictures and explain them.

From top, the first one was a launch of the small aircraft Cirrus CR-22 which I had the privilege of witnessing. The second picture was taken during the opening of the Ferrari showroom by the Naza group. The third was the TEDxKL which is a TED endorsed event featuring a few big names including the late Yasmin Ahmad, the legendary film director extraordinaire of Malaysia. The last was the launch of a kopitiam owns by a client whom my firm have grown together with since we were just a 2 persons outfit.

To say that I am quite amaze at the leaps and bound I have grown professionally is an understatement. With these developments, I am hoping for a great year in 2010....

1 comment:

EVo said...

Great work dude. I'm sure u'll only do better in the next year! kudos!

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