December 20, 2009

Avatar is the theme for 2009

I am not just talking about the movie but they are the driving force of the avatar landscape that we are experiencing now. With 3 movies where you can escape from being yourself and be something else through technology, are we getting any nearer to being someone else through other medium.

I am talking about 3 movies which are Surrogates, Gamers and now the behemoth of the avatar theme, Avatar by the uber film-maker, James Cameron of the Titanic, True Lies and Abyss.

Surrogates were an adaptation of a book which is very much makes you anticipate Avatar more. Gamers was just there as a filler. Good action idea but not as good delivery. In term of rating, I would rate the 3 movies from Surrogates to Gamers to Avatar. Surrogates are too poorly executed but Gamers' camera was too in-your-face that it became nauseating.....

Avatar, the movie? Wow, that is one trip you want to take again and again. Am not going to review it yet as I think there is nothing for you to know except my advice is to go and watch it. If you can afford it, watch it in 3-D. The experience is something very, very worthwhile.

Other than movies, people have been using avatar to hide their face and become whatever they dream of with avatars. In Facebook and Twitter. In many other social media. The peak was the past months when even in Facebook, the accounts have been staggering. Yes, of course, there are people with more than one account, but you cannot deny the fact the list is growing. Day by day.

Does it not become more and more a reality when all those movies become a reality? In Malaysia, we do drive cars as if we will never get hurt if we get into an accident. An avatar syndrome in the making?

Twestival KL Happens this year and it brings people behind avatars together

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Ratty said...

I have just recently learned that the Avatar movie is 3D. They never advertise that on any of the TV commercials. Maybe they don't have that in my area. I hope they do. I'd go see it for that.

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