February 22, 2009

Always too late

Why does the authority or the government always seems to be too late in doing or have knowledge of something especially when it comes to what is beneficial to or involve the people. Especially for those who can be considered as the youth. They keep on worrying about what the people wants but never translate it to anything worthwhile in the Parliament. They keep on harping about big projects which cost hundreds and millions of Ringgit. They sometimes do try to channel it by doing various activities which seems to never reach the target group.

I know a few of these politician personally and when I told them certain matters which I know is always at the peripheral of my vision, they seem surprised of these things happening all around. Or they may act surprise but are not doing anything about it as it is such a hassle to debate such matter. They became angry when the people within their constituency vote for the opposition as they are more on the ground than these representative. I am not sure how does other democracies around the world keep in touch with current issues, here in Malaysia they wait for the shit to hit the fan before they suddenly say this thing is of national crisis which need attention.

Here are a few examples which is inherent to Malaysia. There was this phenomenon which happened in 1990s when the coming of the new millineum brought along it's own new-age problem for Malaysia. There are these problems which were associated with youth. There were the bohsia, who are basically teenagers who seem willingly to have sex with multiple partners without shame or guilt. Sex party. Gay. Drugs. You must understand that Malaysia is considered as a very conservative Muslim country and when these matters came to light to the government, the phenomenon had became an accepted things among the youth. Trying to curb it 5 years after the fact did not even make any leeway at all.

Amazingly, after all these years and after having more young elected representatives as young as 26 years old in Parliament and state assemblies, the same mismatch in what happen on the street and what is brought up in Parliament is still apparent. Maybe there need to be a total decay of the fabric of society only then will people realise that what really matter is what concern the people on the street and not what your sponsors are asking you to do.


Buzzing J said...

Here's my 2 cents (whatever it's worth):

"Famous Hero", they want to be.

Assuming they did know about the problems before it became rampant, and assuming they tackled it, and solved it. Who would know? All the sweats for nothing? No publicity. Of course, that's assuming they have the capabilities to solve the problem.

When the problem becomes public issue, and everyone were talking about it, they give speech regarding what to do, how to tackle, how we should unite in solving the problem, etc, etc. Then they would be seen as doing something - hey, that's why you elected me, to solve problem, right? Now, everyone knows, he cares. By then, it's always too late.

Anyway, that's my explanation for their "blindness" with regards to our problems.

Ratty said...

This seems to happen the same way here in the USA. Politicians always seem to be out of touch with what's happening all around them. I always wonder how they can be so blind, but then I hope maybe they have a good reason for their behavior that I don't understand. Politicians must be known for their ineffectiveness in most places.

kruel74 said...

Buzzing J - Like your take on it and I believe in some cases it is true

Ratty - It is in their blood I think. Makes you wonder if there is a training school somewhere for them

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