February 11, 2009

Do bosses have Monday blues?

Every Monday and every other week on the Garfield comic strip, there will be the cry of "Monday blues". The traffic jam. The need to wake up early. The lousy boss(es) - which I may be one of them, no matter how nice I act. The gossiping colleagues. The disgruntle clients. The office. Basically, everything. Who wakes up on Monday with a smile on their face?

The bosses I guess. Or is it?

For us, whom people call 'the boss' which is basically saying that we own the place of business, we are also apprehensive when it comes to the time that we have to go to work. When we know that we are needed to solve those matters which are not solvable by our hired hands. When the time are tough and the cash flow are bad. When we have to let go of someone. When we know there is a difficult matter for us to solve and it will involve some shouting and even harsh words. When we know that it is a bad decision but it is the only decision that we have to make. When we need to say goodbye to good employee. When we need to tell them bad news.

So, in short, as much fun as it is to be 'the boss', we may not be where everyone would wants to be. In this time of economic hardship, which thank God, we are still not there yet, we just hope our small office will still be there when the time will come for things to be more economically stable. We were employees once, although in my case just for a little while before I struck out on my own, and Monday blues were the norm. We just hope that the employees out there will come to appreciate it as not having any Monday blues at all may mean not having work at all.

Which is bad...

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