February 16, 2009

Do blogs need to be legally compliance?

When I started out blogging, although I come from the legal profession, I thought there was no legal tangle which might put me in harms way as I intend to blog about my career in one and about relationship in the other. As I began to understand how blogging work, which is like any other mass media, I tried to learn on my own on how to make sure my blogs are not going to jeopardise me in getting into any legal problem. I thought blog was just a place where you can write about anything and then people will come to see what I have written without much of a hassle. 

Then when the reality of what owning a blog means, which are a place where you can do all that but you have to advertise it, make it interesting and then aggregate the blogs for the world to know your existence, much like any other mass media, I started to play along like any other bloggers. Borrowing from other websites things like pictures, music and ideas. As I am an intellectual property lawyer here in Malaysia, I did give credit where credit is due but it was not as clear cut as it seems. Some pictures are not actually owned by the website which you took it from and you are still open to litigation.

As much as litigation on website is not easy, technology which is supposed to help you do whatever you want by being anonymous or being another country while you show the picture of that celebrity couple stealing a kiss, you can also be found out using technology. They can now traced the culprit of such infringement using free technology provided on the web. An IP is an address and now google have also let you track down your old friend like CIA looking for terrorist. Even a court summons are now allowed to be served on the intended recipient  The way of the process server seems to be numbered (like Seth Rogan in Pineapple Express) as internet technology becomes the way of the world.

So, to any Malaysian who are interested, I am actually promoting an event by a friend of mine aptly titled Blogging & Law, which covers the topic of the law of blogging. It is not specifically for Malaysian bloggers as every blogger know that being grounded in one place does not mean you are not subject to the law in another place. This conference happens on 14th March 2009 and the media sponsors are some of the most influential media partners such as MalaysiaKini and Nuffnang. It is organised by eLawyer.com.my, an online portal for lawyers. If not for the Bar Council's Annual General Meeting which happens on the same day, I would be the first there but I will only be able to attend the tailend of it. Do go and learn your rights. The flyers is down below :-

or visit eLawyer.com.my  for more information. And did I mention that it is a FREE seminar?


Ratty said...

Another good post. I've been very conscious of this aspect of things from the very beginning. That's why there are no pictures of me on the internet, and all you see is a mouse. I'm a little on the paranoid side of things. That mouse is one of the few things on my blog that I didn't create myself. I also realized that every word that is written can be used as evidence against a blogger. It took me a long time to decide to reveal myself to the world.

Harmony said...

Legally yes. Do agree on that part, you won't want people to spout nonsense and spread anti islam or anti government this kinda shit.

3point8 said...

This is interesting. I am no tempted to go for this event. I also want to know what are my rights and limitation as a blogger.
Thanks for advertising this event

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