February 24, 2009

Spouse's support

This is actually a topic for my other blog As Good As It Gets which discuss mostly the relationship between man and woman on a daily basis especially those that have relevance to my own experience. However, this is mostly with regards to work or working experience which happens when you are married or have a partner. Some have this arrangement where both work and some have arrangement where only one is working. Either you are childless or with children, although the schedule and dynamic might be different, you have your own way of dealing with it.

This is more about how one partner supports the other in whatever line of work the other have chosen. Sometimes both come from the same industry or line of work. A nurse and a doctor. A doctor and a doctor. A lawyer and a judge. A lawyer and a criminal? Sometimes they don't. Sometimes their line of work don't have any relevant from each other. There are the lawyer and the bus driver. The welder and the plumber. The artist and the politician. Various examples which depicts those who marries within or without their industry can be given and different scenario can also be given on how each couple handles their compatibility when it comes to the question of support.

The support I mean is the support that you need when you are committed to your work and you need some understanding on the long hours that you put which may not give enough compensation for it. You need to burn the midnight oil to finish a project. Travel around the world to finish an assignment given by your client or your employer. Such are the working environment nowadays. Enough to put pressure if you are doing it alone. Enough to make you breakdown even if you do a job well done. Enough for you to feel unappreciated or even feel animosity towards whoever you can put the blame on. That is if you are doing it all alone.

If you have somebody back home to support you, will it be better or will it just make you feel sorrier for yourself. Some people I know keep on doing what they do best even if they lack support at home. Some just do it as they have their own principle with or without emotional support. Some gave up after sometimes. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, same industry, same job title but I bet each have their own drive. Kate Winslett and Sam Mendes, same industry, different job description. Selma Hayek and her millionaire husband. High pressure job which can be used as an examples although unreal as all the movies they acted in.

Support in job is important as anything that can help you advance in your career. As much as a bra can lift a sagging breast, supports from spouses can sometimes help revive a flagging career. Just look what Agassi manage to do at the twilight of his career when he met Steffi Graf...

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