February 13, 2009

Dream Job : Fantasy v. Reality

I have always wanted to be a restaurant owner. Scratch that. Not a restaurant. More of a cafe. Just a small one for me to oversee. In a place where I can ogle people. I would go there, have a cup of my favourite coffee and eat my favourite food. A place to hang out for friends. To entertain the clients of my firm. To have dinner at night. And if it is really well run and promoted enough, I might even manage to turn a profit. That is the fantasy part of the dream job.

The reality? When I have the cafe, especially when it is just a small one, I have to manage it properly. I have to hire someone to cook, to be the waiter and I have to entrust the job of managing the place to someone who is trustworthy enough as he or she will handle the till collecting the money from paying customers. I have to wake up at ungodly hour, drive to the fish market (which usually have the best fishes at these ungodly hour) and I have to drive these things to the cafe, open up the cafe and wait for my manager to come in, discuss any problems before finally I can have that coffee. Why I do this by myself? As a practical person, who owns a small cafe, I couldn't possibly afford to hire someone to do all this, unless I have  siblings or relatives (which I don't) whom I can trust to do all this without bothering me. I will also need to at least make sure the cafe can survive pass it's first 3 months before it can recoup the investments I put in.

How about a job requiring you hanging out at the small island like the one offered by the Australian government? Isn't that something? Lounging around doing nothing? Alone? Where you have to bear elements by yourself. Much like what the character of Tom Hanks had to endure in the movie Castaway. Of course it will not be as bad as that as you will be given enough supply of everything and the people who send you there will know your location. But, still... Maybe it is more for beach bum who always know how to entertain themselves but it is so not for me.

How about being the richest man on earth? Like Rupert Murdoch. No worries? Yeah, right...

Socialite? Like Paris Hilton. Even if you don't wear an underwear becomes a hot topic.

Million dollar selling artist? Like Rihanna and Chris Brown. Happiness is so far away, it seems.

Am I someone who don't know how to have fun and always see all things in black and white? I think, it is just practicallity. Getting a dream job is one think but living the dream job is another thing altogether....

Where everyday you wake up to this will it mean you have your dream job


Ratty said...

I like your cafe idea better than those others. I've had similar ideas. I can see that it would be time consuming. It would interfere greatly with you normal job. For someone like me that wouldn't be as much of a problem. I would eventually quit my normal job. I do see your point though. My similar plans are always stopped by practicality too.

Daisy said...

Interesting post! I came by from Blog Explosion and this link captured me.. why? Coz come to think of it, I really haven't got any "dream job" yet and I am in the banking industry for years. Such a dead end eh!

But what I really wanted to do... Is to Travel! See the world. Thgough I think its only possible through the net now. *Sigh*

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