February 2, 2009

Job Satisfaction

Everyone crave it when they start to join the workforce and those with ideal will even be prepared to not work at all unless the job can fulfill certain ideals that they have. They would love to have their own room. Have their own secretary. Have their own people to direct to do this and that. All this if you are targetting to be someone who works from the office. How about those burger seller? Those fishmonger? Those pilots? Those artistes? Don't they have their own benchmark on being successful and having a job satisfaction. Some who do seems to have everything, jobwise that is, still does not feel satisfied.

So, what is job satisfaction? Being satisfied with the work you are doing day in, day out or being satisfied with all that your current job is offering? Or even on a particular job you are doing, which sometimes are not necessary mean work? I mean, does doing a particular job correctly and on time will make you satisfied with your job. Or you just take a day at a time to get that pay cheque at the end of the day? Even if you own your own business, like me, I do keep track of my spending as I will only take my pay at the end of the month like any of my employee.

All are true in a sense. You crave for a time for you having not to have to work and just relax at home. Waking up at 10am or even later everyday. Travel the world. Doing nothing but still getting paid. Some already reach this plateau by being born with a silver spoon. But looking all around the world, those who have this privileges (Paris Hilton anyone?) still work for her money, although she does have a personal worth of utmost envy. Don't she want to just hang back and let her money, which comes from her studio album, handbags and her TV shows (movies?).

I think it is about filling your time. My own mother should have retired long ago and this is a bone of contention between me and her, but she still goes to work everyday where she supervised her small landscaping company and her small plantation. An ex-politician I know is currently building a development company and is also involve in plantations. Both of them have enough money to just sit back and enjoy. I think to both of them, job satisfaction is more important than just going to the office.

What about you?


JustinKC said...

Im not satisfied at all with my current job. On CNY, everyone get to enjoy their holiday but darn. i WORKED la! Sucks hehe

Ratty said...

I have a job that is not the most fulfilling, but I am very good at it. The fact that I do my job very well satisfies me greatly, but I would rather be doing something else. I hope for the day when I have my own business, but that isn't a close day yet. I don't think I would be happy if I didn't work at all though. That would get boring.

Harmony said...

Job satisfaction is something of a intrinsic value.

You can't see it, but you can feel it.

kumbangtanduk said...

job satisfaction is therefore doing something for pay though secretly, you'd do it for free...

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