February 14, 2009


I scratch your back and you scratch my back.

The mantra of doing business in Malaysia and a few other Asian countries (or is it the world over?). Anyone who points out that this is happening in any of these places, will be shunned and condemned, especially if those who are alleged to have done the crime have the weight to do damages to those that have alleged. The damages can mean making life harder for those allegor by the alleged using the authority that they have to delay, coerce or even threaten the allegor's life, even. It can also mean the allegor will never get the service that they come for in the first place. It may even mean that the alleging party may have to pay a heavy price of being labelled as a whistle blower.

This business of backscratching have actually been going on for so long as anyone can remember.I have a few stories which has even been picked up by the current Chief Judge of Malaysia who was a lawyer once who knows the going on at the registration counters in Malaysian courthouses. There is this one notorious courthouse which are so well known for 'losing' the files of lawyers which will magically appear if the lawyer play ball. I know a few staff who has been running this scam for nearly more than 15 years and it seems they are still there. From what I know, the situation there is still the same although a few years ago the local Bar Committee did ask lawyers to list out the cases which they have come across but it seems no one wanted to shake the boat.

Thanks for the scratch, I'll do you later...

The problems with lawyers, we are too jaded and know too well of the time and effort needed for a court case to come to trial and accusing someone of wrongdoings will not solve a client's problem. I just hope this new Chief Judge will look into this matter as he did say he knows of such matter taking place, which was then used back against him by the oppositions in Parliament to accuse him of malpractice which make him unqualified to be the Chief Judge of Malaysia. It seems that he dodged the bullet as he managed to explain how he obtained the knowledge.

This backscratching problem is rampant throughout the justice system as the police were too well-known of practising it in which I knew a few officers who are given the a few nightclubs to look after which will then give some area for them to hangout in. Traffic polices are so well known for this that they have to run a campaign which targetted traffic police in which they wore a button stating that they don't accept bribe. How about politicians? If their sons or daughters or their siblings control a particular company which then get a contract from the government or one of the government controlled company, it is considered as not a bribe but just a bit of a conflict. They even let that company get the contract as long as the politician do not sit in the meeting which approve the awarding the contract. If the politician is the leader of the other politicians in the meeting, would anyone DARE not approving the contract to the company the leader has connection with?

Here, we are so good in doing these backscratching deals we have taken it as part of our culture and even if there are new government, which are willing for a total revamp of the 'system', it is business as usual. From what I know, the current government of certain state are doing what has been practiced long ago as they also need to satisfy their supporters.

Of course, all these are hearsays and I don't have proof and none of you should ever take me seriously as I will deny knowing it firsthand, if ever these stories ever come to light...

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Ratty said...

This is the same thing that happens in the USA. It happens everywhere from government officials to factory workers. It's a shame that these things happen, but it must be a part of human nature. I think it happens all over the world. People get in trouble if they don't do it, but they get in more trouble sometimes if they do.

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