February 6, 2009

Why I am in private practice

I never planned to be a lawyer although the signs are there since I am in school. Arguing non-stop and the word "exactly like a lawyer" to describe me did not make me think I will become one. Being in science stream classes and the pressure from my parents to become something more commendable like a doctor had also nearly derail anyone's plan to turn me into one of those who was said to be paid the best fees, once. Even when I was in law school, I was still not sure where would I be when I graduated. Whether I would join the service, becoming one of the minions of the government and hoping that all the perks of government servant will satisfy me or working for some company drafting agreements for the benefit of others.

If you ever really read my posting, I have told countless accounts on how I came to be where I am today. I started small, with no help or contacts which is the norm in this country of mine and I was not really good in lawyering. Being a businessman and a marketeer or salesman, is another thing. If an eskimo need a refrigerator, with me, he would buy it because of not of the refrigerator but what he will receive if he buys himself that fridge. Heck, he would even buy the things to be stock in the fridge from me double the price although he can get fishes by fishing just outside his igloo. As what I am saying is my trade secret, let us leave it at that.

Anyway, I am still doing what I am doing because I love the law but more for what it can help to do to my personal wealth. Although in Malaysia most lawyers becomes rich when they use their legal upbringing as a stepping stone into a political career or a business career (but mostly the former than the latter). I still think there are money to be made in becoming a good legal firm by strengthening your knowledge in the many various subject of law such as intellectual property, real estate, banking, Islamic finance and civil litigation, to name a few. In the blue ocean theory, law is a red ocean business. The different between one lawyer with another is discernible and will always be very vague. Technology and system is the key to gain more market share and no one can deny that this business which people rarely think in their equation of doing business can make people as rich as they one, without even having to have any ancillary income.

Here's to all the lawyers around the world, specifically those in private practice


Monica said...

well said!

julian said...

Sounds like you are a good salesman :) For me, I was never much good at selling althought for a while I trudged around Brussels with a bag of gadgets to sell to people.

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